Poiré IGP Normandie,
Le Poiré, organic and sulfite-free.

6 bottles of 75cl.

Our Pear cider is made using 4 different types of pears from 100 year old trees. In the glass a yellow-green hue is paired with aromas of white flower, citrus, and summer fruits. On the palate the effervescence is bright and fine, matching the delicate aromas. A brilliant tension creates a freshness with an exceptional length, and a tannic finish that is a touch sweet.

To be drunk cold, as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a plate of oysters.

4,5% vol
Density : 1028

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A selection of organic pears.
Pure juice.
Indigeneuos fermentation and a “petillant-naturel” in-bottle carbonation.
No sulfites added during the reception of the pears, fermentation, or bottling.

For cocktail hour, propose this “champagne of Normandy “


L'Extra brut

Le Brut

Le Demi sec