Cidre IGP Normandie,
le Demi sec, organic and sulfite-free.

6 bottles of 75cl

This cider offers captivating floral aromas, ripe fruits, pineapple, and quince. An acidity exceptionally balanced by the judicious residual sweetness of this demi-sec creates a round mouthfeel that is rich, but not lacking in energy. A golden color lays promise to the luxurious palate to be found.

It was only natural that this “sweet” cider would be dedicated to Claude Pitrou

4,5% vol
Density : 1022

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A selection of bitter and bittersweet apples.
100% organic domaine grown fruit.
Pure juice.
Indigeneuos fermentation and a “petillant-naturel” in-bottle carbonation.
No sulfites added during the reception of apples, fermentation, or bottling.

This cider pairs perfectly with the sweetness of a night out with friends, either in the backyard or with your feet in the sand. It is perfectly comfortable next to a simple apple tart just as it is next to a high end pastry.


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