Calvados AOC,
25 years, organic and sulfite-free.

1 bottle of 50cl.

Left to age for a quarter of a century, this calvados represents the pinnacle of what the humble apple can become.

After 25 years the volume has reduced dramatically, a loss associated to the “angels share.” The remaining Calvados reveals a dark maroon hue in which aromas of spices and walnuts can be found.

The bitter and structured mouthfeel is typical for an alcohol of this age, offering an unparalleled elegance and length.

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Distilled in a traditional copper column still, our calvados begin as cider fermented with the same care as our other cuvees. After a careful and lengthy distillation the eau de vie is aged in oak casks from Limousin without added flavors, colorants, or sulfites.

To be drunk in a small tasting glass, brought to temperature by the palm of your hand.


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